Undeniable Evidence that connects the Tutsi to ancient Khmt (Egypt)

THE WIGTutsi Pahroah
















Intare Yabanyiginya Mwene Gahima meaning The “Lion of Nyiginya descendant of Khm”







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THE ancient CWEZI PEOPLE of Uganda and Rwanda.

JaJa Code-Africa

The Cwezi or the Bachwezi were an ancient people on the source of the Nile River believed to have lived and ruled peacefully the empire of Bunyoro-Kitara  from perhaps 10,000 BC  up until 1500 A.D. They were said to be demi-godly in nature and possessed a high intellect in addition to paranormal capabilities. However, legend has them  shrouded in great mystery, yet they remain revered and praised across the great rift valley of East Africa particularly in most  cultures of Uganda and are mostly heard about through Tutsi oral traditions. They are still worshiped by  tribes  in  Ankole,Toro,Buganda,East Congo,Tanzania,Burundi and Rwanda.

Some schools of thought suggest, the Cwezi were part of the superhuman races, or remnants of such ancient people/ beings that may have landed along the Nile valley from around 2100 BCE or pre Historical times, establishing great civilizations along it’s banks from deeper areas past Lake Tanganyika to Zimba-za Mabwe…

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Connecting Bantu words and Cultural practices with ancient Egyptians

Re Horakhty

The presence of “R, Ra, Re, Ru” letters and phrases among sub-Saharan dialects pertaining to higher states of being.
Ancient words RaRePtah, Ta, Pa, Se  largely  resonate in Bantu languages for word FATHER and sometimes used to endow respect to men of dignity and Deities. The word for father in the Southern-Soto-Tswana-Bantu language is given as Rare, rarae and even rara. Thus Re kglo means the great father or the great chief. In ancient Egyptian’s  polytheistic beliefs, Ra was worshiped as the creator God by most blacks  at Heliopolis and along the Nile valley. These followers believed that Ra was self-created, while other followers of Ptah or Ta believed that Ra was created by Ptah. In a passage of the Book of the Dead, Ra cuts himself, and his blood transforms into two intellectual personifications: Hu, or authority, and Sia/se, or mind. Ra is also accredited with the creation of the seasons, months, plants, and animals.In later Egyptian dynastic times, Ra was merged with the god Horus, as Re-Horakhty (“Ra, who is Horus of the Two Horizons”) term vaguely remain in southern Africa as Re kglo. He was believed to rule in all parts of the created world: the sky, the earth, and the underworld. The Sotho, Xhosa and Tswana people use terms Ra, and Re to confer ultimate respect to  male figures and leaders.

Love: Re-ra-ta or Rerato means Love in southern Africa Bantu languages.Love was associated with the divine so the perfect word for the feeling was to combine all words known that described the all-seeing God Ra.


 IMN-R,Amun-Ra, Amen-Ra, ImanRa =imanrwa=imandwa=imanrwanda=Imana, EMANRWA which translates  God.

Imn R –  was Egyptian  supreme God of the universe in whom Imn and Ra were merged; also principal deity during Theban supremacy. Imn or Amen is mentioned in the Bible as the utmost. (Rev. 3;14-15.)



Ancient Tutsi’s worshiped Imn-Ra (Amen-Ra). The term Amen-ra was pronounced by Bantus and San/Twa people of east and central Africa as Imanarwa or Imandwa. It was formally IMANA Y’IRWANDA. It remained Imana even after European introduction of Christianity into the central African region.People adjusted in their way of worship to suit to the new religion but with similar reverence  and unchanged esteem to Imana.., note that Christianity too applies term AMEN at every end of every prayer said! suggesting that western religion is subliminally rooted in ancient African worship of Amen Ra.

Imana/or “Amen” who ancient writings described as the hidden one had to merge with Ra,.. a part of him that is in the form of a star or Sun to manifest self in many life forms on earth.Without Ra, Amen can not be seen or manifest  physically. In other words, life on earth or anywhere else similar in the universe  can not exist.Everything that exists on earth is Amen in somatic form by the power and will of Ra in a form of the Sun.It is the reason why Rwandans describe Ra as the creator thus Ra urema or R’urema/ R’uhanga. If the Sun dies, Amen loses his manifestations on our planet and life  as we know it ends.The Son of God in Kemetic spiritual concepts was symbolism of this thus Horus who is Ra the Amen or hidden one.

In modern science, Amen-Ra manifests self in quantum physics as the binary numbers 010101010101 which are the basis for digital technology.Scientists will tell you that there is no God yet their breakthroughs have been  aided by the power of AMEN-RA or numbers 01 (zero one) which are the coming forth of the hidden energy.Amen is the Even while Ra is the Prime in the  universal equation.Every star in the universe that has similar properties and characteristics of our Sun is Ra.





Western Egyptologists insist on pronouncing the letter “I” from inscription “IMN” as “A” or “E” which is a fallacy.It has resulted in many mistranslations and wrong pronunciation of many medu ntr syllables.It is advisable to avoid using “Vowels” when conceiving hieroglyphic messages.The authors of the sun glyphs used basic consonants aided by determinant pictographs in their scripts.It is wrong when western decipherers push their translations towards Anglicized phonetics.

In central African RWANDA, to Ra-ta or rata is to exalt with pride usually used with a prefix Ku-rata. In precolonial Rwanda, men applied Ra in introductions to fellow men and still use it today though now it applies to women as well. i.e Bite se ra? (note SE and Ra) meaning how is it exaltable one or the high one.Ngwino Ra-ta or ngwino rata! (Come here devine one/lovely one). Se also is Kinyarwanda word for Father i.e Se wacu meaning our father. Se wabo –their father

Egyptian Gods (Ancient African Gods)

Ra – The Sun God, the one who was there at the beginning. Imn/Amen – The hidden one, the originator of life who gave birth to Ra later combined with Ra to become Imn-Ra the life giver sun God.

Osiris, Isis, Seth & Nephthys came from the Creation of the Universe. Ptah created Heaven and Earth. Sekhmet was the Wife of Ptah.

Seth murdered his Brother Osiris by cutting him into many pieces  and then threw them in various corners of the land (this was a continual story about the beginnings of everything,.. so its projection wasn’t just about the north eastern corner of the African continent only as the heartbeat of Egypt was in the Africa’s center) and threw his penis in the Nile which was later eaten by a cat fish! (the mainstream version of this story tries to make these Gods primitive and ignorant of the rest of Africa and the world thus seclude the entire story to mostly lower Egypt and Egyptian desert and bottom-line try to dismiss the story as a myth passed down by ancient primitives disregarding the continuity and legacy left behind in form of physical objects and a cult of  spirituality all across the continent). In the time of these Gods, there was not greed,fascism and land borderlines. Western academia try to portray these ancients as if they were fascists and greedy racists as we have today, thus pushing a deception that a borderline separating Nile delta, Nubia and Kush was always there from genesis. Symbolically, upper (south) Sematabi or Sema tabwy (Egypt) Kmt extended to modern day Uganda.

 Nephthys was Sister and Wife to Seth. Seth in Bantu dialects is SATAIt means tornado.

Isis was Osiris‘ Sister and Wife  and some time after his death was able to revive him long enough to conceive Horus. Osiris  was personification of God on earth and was chosen to judge dead mortals before they can proceeded to heaven. He sat in judgment as their heart is put in the balance against a feather of   Maat, who stood for truth, righteousness and Justice. The story of Jesus is sometimes thought to be that of Osiris or son Horus.

Horus – a Falcon, avenged his Father Osiris.Horus in Bantu/Kirundi is Hora, Uhoraho or Horera which means everliving, avenger, savior, redeemer or avenge. Hora can also mean day and night and continuum of life thus Horaho or dwell forever. Afro Americans take the name Horus to be pronounced HERU.  Ancient Africans however, uttered the term as HORA (redeemer, avenge or past, future and present). Remember the Greeks added letter “S” and the English applied trickiness with vowels to the root letters HR.These letters imply Sun/everlasting time/life/Hora/Horus and when it is deified, it becomes son. Letters HR are embedded in words like-HourHorizon, Hiero-glyphs(sunglyphs) which also is the same word referring to ancient Indian writings as as Sanskrpt (Sunscript). Glyph and script mean the same thing. All implying to everlasting writings. Hora is the sun/Time/Son/light of God in many concepts.

Thoth was given the moon and appointed assistant to the Sun God, RaHe dealt with seasons, emotions, knowledge,maths,writing and Magic. 

Isis together with Anubis and Thoth were able to reassemble the previously dismembered parts of the body of Osiris, added a phallus (the original having been eaten by a Nile catfish), wrapped it in bandages and thereby created the first Mummy and conceived Horus. Hathor, the Goddess of Love, Joy and Music is sometimes interpreted as Isis. Her symbol is exclusively a Watusi cow.

(These names became Greco for purposes of westernization and de-Africanization. Originally, they appeared in consonants only and may have possessed a pronunciation that was more Bantu-lingua than Semite or Indo-euro)

Indication of Khmetic Gods among Nile source traditions

Rwandans and Burundians traditionally worship and summon a combination of God Imn-Ra (Imana R’urema) , Hathor (a cow Goddess) and Osiris as Ra-Ngombe (ngombe is another term for Cow and underworld (magombe) where Osiris is widely believed to partly rule).

Goddess Sekhmet is traditionally worshiped and summoned as NYABINGI or NYABINGHI in Rwanda, Karagwe and Uganda. A sect of Rastafarians with a non-violent principle also summon and praise Nyabinghi.The spirit and cult of Nyabingi is of ancient African origin and not of Amazon origin as some Eurocentric writers  purported.Natives of the Amazon have no idea nor have they ever heard of a god name Nyabinghi.How then did it originate there?!

Term “Nyabingi” is Lunyankole, Luhaya, Lunyoro, Lukiga word for “Goddess of many“. Some writers  have regurgitated and recycled lies written by colonialists about  Nyabingi, and misled researchers on this topic. Nyabingi has no connection with Amazon as Local African women did  not have contact with Amazonians ever since Pangaea  until trans-Atlantic slave trade that provided almost a one way trip to the western world. Nyabingi was an African Goddess of defense and justice from ancient times.

In Uganda during colonial wars against Europeans, the exiled wife of Rwanda king Rwabugiri, Queen MUHUMUZA (who refered to as NYIRAGAHUMUZU MUSEREKENDE in Rwanda  and who was in Rwabugiri’s  select group of wives known as “Abaterambabazi”) used NYABINGI powers to fight German colonial aggressors  but because of her rivalry with Queen Kanjogera who was in the counsel of Germans decided to flee Rwanda and conduct her revolution in Uganda and Tanzania . Muhumuza was a magician Queen.She performed miracles by shapeshifting and passing through hard rocks. Muhumuza led a strong resistance against Germans and the British colonizers in East Africa until her death in 1950.


Mysterious Nyabinghi warrior Queen Muhumuza guarded by Tutsi men in a carry basket.Muhumuza detested being photographed.

Queen Muhumuza



Muhumuza surrounded by her band of  army in Uganda.

Similarly, a Ugandan warrior remembered as KIBUKA OMUMBALE during Buganda against Bunyoro wars,used Sekhmet/Nyabingi powers to  defeat enemies by attacking them from the sky without visible evidence of aid by aircraft or wings.He was eventually captured and castrated.People believed his powers lay in his private parts.His private parts are on display at the Ugandan museum.His remains were enshrined at Mbaale ( now known as Mpigi) and he became the Guardian of War. His temple was desecrated by the British and the contents, including his jawbone, were put on display in a museum in Cambridge.The phenomenon or ability to levitate and defy gravity and even conduct air travel on a Mat  to far away distances was well known among Some African groups long before  western discovery of Aerodynamics! It was done by the Cwezi and was still practiced by the people of Gisaka (Kibungo) in Rwanda and Karagwe until the late 1980s.

Goddess SEKHMET  is the warrior Goddess as well as Goddess of healing for sub-Saharan Africa and wife of Ptah. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the ancients of the Nile valley. It was said that her breath formed the desert. She was seen as the protector of kingdoms and lands and led kings and soldiers during warfare.It is possible that her persona is that of Goddess Oya among the Yoruba people.

Goddess ISIS is associated with mother Earth and also queen of queens and a holy virgin female entity.A model of perfection.The word for Earth in source of the Nile Bantu dialects is ISI,or ENSI, and SIA or ASIA.When the Earth shakes it is called MSIS. Mother ISIS may have originally known as Mother ISI or Mama w’ISI/mama w’ensi. Remember the Greeks liked to add letter “S” at end of most words they found.Term “Ensi, Isi, Isin” is also noticeable in Sumerian tablets in the description of Earth and kingly domains. ISIS was a divine and physical personification of mother Earth.Mary in Christianity is to a certain extent a plagiarism and a later Europeanization of this pre-historic aspect.


In Luganda  language Spoken in Buganda Kingdom, Se-bo is word used to honor a Man.Sebo from god Seb/Geb.Ancient Nile valley god of Earth also known as Kitaka.Seb/Geb was father and god of earth/ensi/or Isis in personification.

Ptah-Ptah or TaTa means  Father in Luganda. Sebo tata-(godly father)- expression was passed down generations from time of genesis in Bantu Africa thousands of years ago and later to Nile delta which is expressed for utmost respect for god, or earthly father or any good great man worthy of respect. In ancient Nubia Ptah or Ta  was the patron deity of craftsmanship, architecture, metalworking, carpenters, shipbuilders, and sculpture. From the middle Kingdom onwards, he was one of five major Egyptian gods with Ra, Isis, Osiris and Amun. The Baganda summoned Ptah (sometimes in other local names) in tomb constructions, fortifications and boat building and canoe carvings for sailing on lake Victoria and along the Nile.

In Buganda kingdom, the Baganda people use word KABAKA to address their king with honor. This word remained in Uganda when ancient Ethiopic King of Egypt CHABAKA or SHABAKA ruled from Egypt between (721 BC-707/706 B.C.E)  and extended his influence into sub-Saharan Africa. Chabaka was also known as Shabataka and the same word is still used today by the Baganda people to address to their king, which they pronounce as SABATAKA.It means King of people.

KABAKA also means a Falcon/Eagle in Kirundi.

Sakabaka semuganza bicu. This sentence means ”Falcon king of birds dweller of higher horizons”. In ancient Egypt, a Falcon is a symbol of power, wisdom and symbol of God Ra and  Horus or Hora or Horera.To horera in Kirundi is to avenge. Remember Horus was immaculately born to avenge his father Osiris who was murdered by his uncle Seth. A Falcon/Eagle is also symbol of power among the Basinga (a Tutsi sub-clan) of Rwanda.

chabaka shabataka (721 BC-706 BC)

Chabaka Shabataka (721 BCE-706 BCE)

The current King of Buganda is known as SABATAKA KABAKA MUWENDA MUTEBI II.

Sabataka Kabaka Mutebi II of Buganda

Sabataka Kabaka Mutebi II of Buganda

Ancient Baganda would have addressed him as SHABATAKA CHABAKA MUWENDA MUTEBI II or it may be that the pronunciation got lost in translation by euro deciphers of Shabaka stone and King Shabaka Shebitiku was actually pronounced  KABAKA  SABATAKA.

The Baganda  also bury their Kings in shrine Tombs and their Kings wear head regalia with striking similarities to those of upper Nile Valley Kings.

Kabaka Daudi Chwa of Buganda (1897-1939)

Kabaka Daudi Chwa of Buganda (1897-1939) Note the sun  and Lunar discs over head denoting  Ra, Toth and Khonsu

Baganda mantain the ancient Kushitic factor of burying their Kings in papyrus/grass reeded Tombs

Baganda maintain the ancient factor of burying their Kings in papyrus/grass reeded Tombs.It could also be argued that the Nubians, Kushites and Kemetians adopted the idea of burying their kings under pyramid structures from pre-recorded times of the source of the Nile practices.There were no healthy Grass in Nubia and Kemet and so they used masonry to construct pyramids as seen at Meroe and Giza.

Kushtic Shebitku (Shataka,Sabataka) of Egypt 707/706 BC-690 BC has a striking resemblance in facial structure(cheeks,nose,lips,chin) with Baganda royal males

Kushtic Shebitku (Shabataka, Sabataka) of Egypt 707/706 BCE-690 BCE had a striking resemblance in facial structure (cheeks, nose, lips, eyes, chin) with Baganda royal males which could suggest a possible genetic link with royal Baganda and Banyoro with Pharaonic families


BA .

The ba can best be described as someone’s essence/personality it takes a form of a bird with a head of a person in ancient depiction. Like a person’s body, each ba is an individual. It enters a person’s body with the breath of life and it leaves at the time of death. The ba is associated with divinity and power. It has the ability to take on different forms, in this respect the gods had many bas. The ba of the deceased is able to move freely between the underworld and the physical world.It transforms differently with collectives and singularities.BA can become KA,MU,WA,U,V in singulars and plurals or describing beings or things non-human i.e Muntu,Wantu, Kantu, Kintu, Bantu,Wanyama, Ubuntu, Vitu. Ancient Egyptians believed that a person had several entities.A person’s spiritual counterpart was Ka. Another important element was the name of a person which determined his destiny.There was also the shadow.Only the enlightened being could travel in the shadow and beyond.


Batu, Ibuntu (Manu)

These symbols from Kemetic writings spell out the word ‘BATU’


bakhu03 - Copy

These symbols read Ibuntu  or mountains of Mnu but the symbolism has deeper meaning than that such as the source of all humanity.Western deciphers fallaciously passed it as “Mountains of the moon”

The three Twa pots and the mountains represent the Nile source.The only places with thousands of Hills and plenty of mountains.Western translators tend to forward an interpretation that ranges from  “Manu” or “land of Manu” and more secularly as “mountains of the moon”but it is “Ibuntu” or “Ebuntu”,”Mountains of Mnu” meaning the source of  all humanity.


Was term used to describe Mathematics.The aspect of calculus and math was none separable from the divinity.There was a belief that everything in the universe was made up of numbers.The subject of Mathematics was considered a sacred discipline.Term Bara is a combination  of Ba the eternal part of life and Ra which is part of God that is Light.In source of Nile Bantu dialects, to Bara is to calculate.In Botswana main language Setswana, Bara is to study.

HOR-AHA or HORAHA was a son of Nama,Mana  commonly known as Narmer the first ruler and  unifier of Egypt.

Horaha or  Horaho means dwell forever in Kinyarwanda.It means the ever living Horus.

An Inscription bearing HORAHA’s serekh (a rectangular enclosure representing the niched or gated façade of a palace surmounted by (usually) the Horus falcon, indicating that the text enclosed is a royal name. The serekh was the earliest convention used to set apart the royal name in ancient Egyptian iconography, predating the later and better-known cartouche by four dynasties and five to seven hundred years.  together with a Nebty-name expressed with the game-board hieroglyph, which reads IMN or Emen, Amun or Imana

Horaha or hor-aha,Horaho second pharaoh of Egypt. Ruled in 31st century BCE



Term serekh meant throne, government or monarchy in ancient Egypt. It  is still largely echoed in East African Bantu lingua as SERIKALI which means government. It is sometimes used to describe the Army and  leadership.

Sa Ra

Means son of God. Some indigenous tribes of central and southern Africa use the phrase as their title.The “Bushmen” or the San people of Kalahari are actually Sa Ra people commonly pronounced Sa Rwa,.. meaning original children of God.

More indigenous groups living in Chad and Cameroon are also called Sa Ra or Sarwa or Sharwa  from sons or children of God. It can also mean children of the Sun.

Giza-means darkness in Swahili. Giza also is pronounced Gisa or kisa in source of the Nile  cultures. One of the ancient source of Nile god’s name was Gisa which is thought to be the true African name for OSIRIS.

MT/MUTI- Stands for medicine, chemical. It also means a plant or tree,weed even magic.

KHM.T (KMT), Ghm.t

Stands for “the land of Gahima” or “land of Kahima”.

The general  misconception is that the inscriptions “Khm.t” meant “black land”,  when  instead it stood for land possession by the name of an ancient Nile Basin king “Khm” traditionally recited as KAYIMA  along with other variances.Khm inherited the Nile valley lands from ancient Gods.

abu_simbel6Anc_Egyp-KemetH the sunglyphs indicate a Cow Kraal (Kiraaro) as a circle with a cross inside, an owl which is a determinative for the personality of Khm as a wise one and  light bringer, a wing indicating  Khm’s lineage and inheritance of the land from the gods and  bread or rising sun symbol for letter “T” representing Land. Traditionally Kahima denotes a guardian of the cows and a person with dark hue.Therefore what many conceive as KEMET meaning “black land” due to silt forming on the banks of river Nile is a fallacy. Khemet was a desert and khmetians knew the rest of Africa so well.They were aware of parts that were worthy of being referred to as black fertile land than around Cairo.They used their ingenuity to make Egypt (a desert) a livable place but that did not imply that the hieroglyphs for the area meant black land instead represented the progenitor’s name. Later, Khm’s son Msr inherited the land of Khm and  the land was named after him as Misri or Mizraim.

Khm had five sons.These are Kush, Rubanda/bada (Lugalbanda), Kanan, Punt and Msr. Khm’s name was later hijacked by Rome and maliciously slandered in biblical literature as HAM who’s alleged father Noah and siblings never existed.10898122_783489618366240_8975363552623876432_n


The word for LAW in Kinyarwanda, Kiganda, Kirundi is Amaateka/Maateka from word MA’AT/MAAT the Goddess of truth, justice and righteousness. Amaateka or Amaategeko is a Bantu way of describing the observance and fulfillment of MA’AT’s  laws and principles or Common law,rules and regulations in society.


Goddess Maateka or Maat of divine law, truth , Justice & Righteousness.

Rwandan dancers

Rwandese female dance of Mushayayo re-enacts Maateka’s feathers of universal law balance and harmony. It also portrays the gracefulness of the majestic Watusi Cow and symbol of Hathor.The age of the dance goes back to pre-dynastic Kemet.The traditional headbands are Kemetic and a woman is traditionally named after the headbands.(Umutega-Rugori).Before the introduction of Silk to Rwanda the Headbands were made out of Papyrus or Bamboo barks.A man is named after a Shield (Ingabo) thus UmGabo


The concept of the Divine law and aesthetic harmony is the underlying theme in the dance alongside the articulation of different statures of Watusi long Horns.



Maateka/Maat was wife of TUHUT/THT/TWAHUT/TAHUTI or Thoth (Greek) who helped her in maintenance of universe and balance of truth and justice.

Toth/Tht was one of ancient  Gods who was regarded  as One, self-begotten, and self-created. He was the master of both physical and moral ( Divine) law, making proper use of Ma’at. He is credited with making the calculations for the establishment of the heavens, stars, Earth, and everything in them. He provides equal balance in service with his feminine counterpart, Ma’at as the force which maintain the Universe.He is said to direct the motions of the heavenly bodies. Without his words, the ancients believed, the Gods would not exist.His power was unlimited in the other-world and rivaled that of Ra and Osiris.He was present during creation of man as adviser and present in the naming of creatures.

It was Thoth who initiated Isis into the magic of reincarnation.Symbolism of these Gods is not caste in a time period of just 4000 years ago but Eons of years and to a certain extent stand as allegorical explanations of how the universe and life on earth began and meant to be.The legend may have orally pre-existed the advent of writing and Pyramid construction along the Nile 5000 years ago until it was finally recorded on papyri and curved on walls.The Twa/Hutu/Tutsi first alphabets come from his name.The three human prototypes of the Nile Source are the master tribes of all humanity on Earth. Terms Twa,Hutu,Tutsi are thousands of years old. A cluster of three social groups that originally lived and depended on each other under Maat-tic principles. Every other type of human on earth can trace their genes to either of the three whether black or white, Australoid or Mongoloid.

Australoids are anciently a later people compared to Twa. The straightness in most Aboriginal’s hair is indicator of a wee bit loss of  Melanin and Eumelanin substance thus weakening hair in its natural formation due to different climatic conditions they ended up in away from main groups after Pangaea.

Afro-textured  hair as seen with Twa and San was the benchmark through which every other hair of new races can be compared to determine which groups of ancients were born later from earlier ones. We shall break down in detail  how global ethnicities developed from the Twahutsi triad in another post.


There has to be a clandestine reason why the league of nations during 20th century promoted a policy of divisions among the three proto-tribes of central Africa leading them to a bitter rift, confusion and a genocide. Again the new  political policy of integration in Modern Rwanda  and adoption of erasure of Twa/Hu/Tsi terms from the traditional  social setting is an eventual sad outcome that will  inadvertently strangulate this hidden historical fact concerning the  pillar tribes’ important role in the genesis of all humanity.The idea that is now pushed in general academia (using a pretext of recent bitter rift between Hutu (Bantu) and Tutsi) is that, none was an exclusive tribe and that,.. none of them existed as separately unique but unified groups before Belgian dismantling,re-arrangement of the two, among the three, instantly inserting polarization against one another, which is a misguided and destructive premise.

The ancients credited Tht (Toth) as the author and pioneer of all works of science, religion, philosophy, and magic.


THT/TAHUT/TWAHUT/TAHUTI/Toth. Patriarchs of mankind are derived from letters of his name.His responsible for naming the first three line of humans in the Nile rift valley after three alphabets of his name.Twa/Hu/T

In  conspiracies stemming from the times  of  King Constantine of Rome, name THT, TAHUTI, DJEHUTI, TOTH, TAUT, THAUTH morphed into the biblical character of DAUD or DAVID and much of Thoth’s ancient writings of wisdom, poetry, allegory, and praise as read in the  Pert Em Heru (Book of the Sun and the Moon or Book of  everlasting Life) commonly dubbed as  book of the dead, is mirrored in biblical book of Psalms and attributed to  DAVID a supposedly king of Israel. This brings doubt whether biblical King David ever lived and  whether he was a fictitious character composed  anywhere between year 300 C.E by constantinians or during  1580 C.E  maybe during Shakespeare’s times  therefore a plagiarism and  a white-painting of ancient the African god Tauti/Toth in a new re-characterization.

When we further examine the legitimacy of biblical Character of MATHEW.The nature of gospel Mathew apparently offered is almost word for word and a  photocopy  of what is deciphered from the papyrus of Ani, the coffin text and the ancient writings on the pyramid wall at Saqqara! The etymology of Mathew transliterates from earlier Greco terms that expressed archaic Egyptian word MDW or MEDW/medu that combined with term NTR/netr thus giving term MEDU NATER which meant “holly text”, Gods words, God’s writings, Holly words, Divine texts, Holly instructions etc.

Biblical Mathew was a  fictitious character.His gospel is largely a re-imaging of the original messages from taken from MEDU NATER. Mathew never lived and therefore never wrote the so-called gospel of Mathew.The gospel of Mathew as read in the New Testament is a creative revisionism by either Shakespeare or Charles Bacon or the Canonical scholars of the 16th century Oxford to rebrand and Europeanize the trinity of Horus, Osiris and Isis.

The creation of ABRAHAM character during  hellenistic period was the  precursor of twisting and Europeanizing of African Deities and Black  sacred and mythical characters. In Ptolemaic era, Egyptian Toth was combined with Greek god Hermes  hence Toth became known as Hermes and vise versa. Also known as Hermes Trismegistus. It was a well-understood fact during the first council of Nicaea that the great father of HUE-MANS/Black race was considered to be THOTH or Tahut whose character had been changed and merged to a Europeanized Greek “Herm -‘es'” which they still accorded as before the  status of universal fatherhood and bringer of wisdom.The aim was for Europeans to sneak

into Egyptian spiritual system and eventually Eauropeanize it.

It was in the council of Nicaea that cunning manipulation of ancient texts initially took place, therefore,.. Toth’s title “Our father RA who is Tahut” became “Father Ra who is Herm/Ham”  or ABA-RA-Herm/HAM largely known as ABRAHAM.The twisting and creative forgery to form subjugative biblical myth directed at Africans and purposes of creeping   into the holly history by ancient Europeans  did not stop there.

In the Council of Hieria in 754 C.E for instance,the newly and recently forged face of Toth as “Father of all who is Herm” or Abraherm was further diverged into two characters. One as ABRAHAM (father of Chosen people supposedly Jewish whites) and two as HAM  supposedly father of all Black race and a son of phony Noah. Noah was a remixed character of ZIUSUDRA an original flood hero borrowed from records of Sumerian flood epic.Ziusudra was the last king of Sumer  and the youngestnson of Enki. Half of what was reported to have happened in Babylonia as read in biblical literature is fiction and to a certain extent manipulated plagiarism.There was never a Noah and his ark but Ziusdra and  literally no tower of Babel .

It is important for Africans to identify and separate the true  Tahut and Khm or Gahima/Kayima from the  manufactured Ham of Noah and  Judeo-Christian Abraham.

The re-baking  of ancient stories to a certain extent maintained original names found in African mythologies and remixed them with invented ones and those of famous outsiders.

Many will pause a question that; if Noah was a hoax, who was Ham his supposed black son? Well. Ham was Khm/Khem/Gahima/Kayima/Ghm. It is an ancient Nile source and valley name.It is a true name found in ancient African tradition and folklore associated with Black ancestry and royal bloodlines. Kham  “Ham”  had nothing to do with Noah and white brothers who never existed.

Transliteration and semantics too, take KHM into the box of God Khnum.He was one of  many major ancient manifestations of creator God.It was Khnm who fashioned the first man and woman out of clay around the source of the Nile and breathed air into them according to legend.The story was later illustrated on rocks and tablets in Kamiti and Sumer. The san people refer to their God as Knum.

Gahima/khm/kayima /KHM meant dark hue/black/dark element and in Ankole culture Kahima means guardian of the Inhk/Ankh or Inkha (cows),ente,life. It means shepherd and guardian of life. The guardian of the cows  also was by default  qualified as the  ruler over Unu (abanu, ahanu) or people/nation. At one point Heliopolis was the hub of all nations thus Unu or ibunu.

Khm/Kayima had  an original covenant with  God as represented in this symbolism.

hollycowKhm was the basis of name KHM.T/kemet known as Egypt today and was the root word for Khama that joins to the prefix  “Omu” to form term Omukhama which means king in Bunyoro culture. It was also the basis of name for ancient area of  Khama in Nubia commonly written as Kerma civilization. Khama’s underground architectural setting and the arrangement was synonymous with Bigo bya mugenyi in ancient Uganda.

Names such as  Khm, Canaan, Kush, Mizraim, Punt were real names of Nile basin and valley ancients and had nothing to do with fictional Noah as an ancestry. The official pronunciation of some of these names is diminished from the original. It was tradition for a nation to name after an ancestral patriarch.

Nations such as Kongo, Uganda, Angola, Nubia, Khm.t, Rwanda were named after sons of great ancients of the same names i.e Ganda, Ngore, Nuba, Khm, Kanyarwanda etc. It explains why places like Canaan, Misri (Mizraim, Egypt), Kush, Kish, Punt existed.

One of the known ancient kings of  the Congo was recorded as Mani Kongo. It originally was  written as MWENE KONGO as was pronounced which meant descendant of Kongo.This implies that, at one point in history, an ancestor named Kongo inherited guardianship of that part of Africa as was Kush/kash/kish son of Khm or Gahima/Kayima.

Tkn,Tkina or Tsina

Was Egyptian word for Obelisk or Phallus or Penis.

The same word is used by Rwandans to describe male and female sexual organs Ibi-Tsina, Igi-Tsina. Mostly written as Tkn in hieroglyphics, letter “K” becomes letter “C” which becomes “S” with different Bantu dialects. Ancient Rwandans often described high pointed plants such as banana trees as In-Tsina or Insina zibitoke in comparison with Tsina or the obelisk.The memories of ancient Khmt by Tutsi’s faded through millenia but still maintain linking markers in traditional customs and language.




was Egyptian word for salt must been conceptualized from word Nater or even neteru. A crystalline substance or compound used to  preserve the mummies in 3 ways:

  1. Dried the moisture in the flesh thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria.
  2. Removed moisture-filled fat cells.
  3. Served as a microbial disinfectant.

Most of the salt used for embalming Pharaoh’s dead bodies was specifically mined from lake Natron in Tanzania because the Egyptians found it the only  lake to contain the most  preservative with highest pH than anywhere else. Its alkalinity was found by Egyptians to contain other natural minerals that flow from surrounding hills and it was a special kind of salt for mummifying compared to other salts.Some salt was mined from Abyssinian Afar depression and west African Taghaza mostly for embalming commoners.


Term “nfura” meant beauty as related to the royal family.It expressed the elegance,magnificence,lovely and delicate nature of some royal members.

the term was represented by this sun glyphhiero_F35 (lute) which  translates to letters “Nfr”

in modern alphabets.Western deciphers of Hieroglyphics promote the term as “NeFeR”

which is a fallacy. It was originally pronounced as “Nfura”.




The symbols in the cartouche above represent the name of Rumeza II’s (Ramesses II) wife’s name.Western Egyptologists translated the pictographs as NeFer TaRi which is a fallacy.

From an indigenous African perspective,and using source of the Nile Bantu dialect of Kinyarwanda/Kirundi,the cartouche reads MRT NFR IRT N.. which translates:

UMURATWA NFURA IRUTA BOSE NYINA WABAMI. It means BELOVED MOST BEAUTIFUL ROYAL MOTHER.The common name NEFERTARI is supposed to be written as NFURIRUTA meaning “the most beautiful”.In this cartouche,the angular stick or bone,the crossed lute, and the vulture are the main determinatives in the name.The water waves (NN),the Ts and the Feather provide aid in pronunciation of the name.It speaks better when one looks at these hieroglyphs with an indigenous African spirit.

Sematabi (another name for lower and upper nile lands)

SEMA TAWY.Sema tawy is a mistranslation for Sema-tabi which is source of Nile expression for “Big tree with branches” in Luganda language.These ancients of Sematabi never spoke English,Greek or Semitic languages (that came later with the invasions) …but spoke Nilotic, Bantu languages and a few lost Afro dialects.Majority of hieroglyphic translators tend to push findings towards an Anglicized phonetic especially by misplacement of vowels, forgetting that the English language is a very recent dialect that started by Anglo-Saxons around 450 CE.


SEMA-TABI (Sema Tawy,tabvy) KEMET,EGYPT,SEMATABI.The symbol of unification of upper and lower Egypt formed a sort of  tree with branches and flowers.Thus “Big branched tree (Sema-tabi).This hieroglyph is made of a Papyrus and a lotus.Note that Uganda is represented by Lungs and the Nile is a wind pipe.The art concept comes from God Hapi.The essence of upper Egypt (south) does  not emanate from north Sudan but at Lake Victoria. Metaphysically,the lungs  are shaped upside down like a woman’s hips /buttocks and birth canal squirting out the Nile river.

The ancient source of the Nile Bantu referred to Nile Valley lands as Sematabi or Khm.t.

“Nyw” or Nywa

Means water in ancient Egypt. In the source of the Nile dialects, it means drink or drinking.

Primodial water symbol as an art pattern on Bantu crafts


Mystery Schools

Existed in Burundi and Rwanda as was in Egypt and Kush.

They included camps for initiation of young recruits into the secrets of the cult of  Imandwa and Ryangombe which were the source of Nile terms that expressed  Amen Ra and  Hathor.

A separate institution was known as  Amatorero. Young boys at the age of 17 would be sent to academies far away from  homes for long periods of time to study everything from History, ancient secrets, Science, Culture, Administration, Health Science, Divinity, Philosophy, Art of warfare, Poetry and Performing arts.

They trained in sporting games like high jump, sprinting, archery, wrestling and martial arts which was known as “Kumasha“.


Girls would also go through their own Amatorero  studying Culture, History, Home economics, Body Science, Poetry, and Dance. The Zulu people also had these types of schools.

Grinding grains using Stones

The practice of grinding grains on stone as was in prehistoric Egypt is maintained today in sub-Saharan Africa. A grindstone and a stone mortar are ordinary house hold tools. Grind stones are used to grind millet, corn, sorghum, nuts, dry herbs and pepper .In ancient Egyptian artifacts, depictions of grinding grain using stone can be found suggesting that ancient Egyptian culture was largely black African.

2000 BC Kemetic woman depicted using a grindstone

2000 BC Kemetic woman depicted using a grindstone

Tribes across Africa still use Grindstones. This Ugandan Woman is seen grinding Millet

NKh   –  (Inkh) Inka or ANKH

is ancient name for Cow in ancient Nubia and Kush.Also has a cross symbol with semicircular horns on top representing Life. (aNKH). The Ankh symbol is both a Cow sign (with it’s right and left ears stretched horizontally and circular horns on top) and a woman’s fallopian tube; a fertile part and symbol of life.From ancient esoteric knowledge, a Watusi Cow is  symbolically a divine animal.

The Ankh/Inka symbol (middle) and sacred dung Beetle (above) .The Beetle represents sunrise and sun set and continuum of life

The Ankh is designed to resemble semicircular horns and face of a Watusi

The Ankh also is a symbol of Life and Fertility


In Rwanda the name for cow is iNKha/iNKa. In south Sudan the DINKA people who are a cattle raring tribe are also named after the Cow…,”D-INKA”.A  cow represented life among upper Nile people what the “Ankh” sign was among later Egyptians.The Ankh is an objectified Cow and a woman’s reproductive system.These two represented aspects that pertained to deeper meanings of Life metaphysically and biologically.It touches on divine concepts in relation to motherhood and astrology.The Letter “A” is not a prerequisite for the pronunciation of triconsonantal letters “NKH”.There was no pictograph for the word “Life” during initial stages of formulating Medu Ntr therefore a cow (which for a long time was known as an animal that symbolized life)  was chosen. Thus Nkh” or Inkh.



Among most modern African Bantu tribes,Rwanda and Burundi dialect of Kinyarwanda / Kirundi is among contemporary Afrikan languages (apart from Beja  in Sudan and other west African dialects) that have the biggest percentage of  words traceable to archaic Egyptian and old Egyptian language.Kinyarwanda has a prehistoric presence at ancient Unu commonly known as Heliopolis or Sun City (Herio-Sun,Polis -city in Greek) and Luxor(Thebes).



This keeps the theory of the Tutsi, Fulani, Oromo and Puntites among other groups interconnectedness with ancient  Egypt and Kush alive.Or whether they were part of the group assigned to care for and guard the Congo and Nile river sources, cater for Gold, Salt, herbs and food produce or had an exodus to the interior of Africa following foreign invasions from Eurasia or possibly part of the nomadic and adventurous groups that spread across Africa and Asia.The Beja people are known as Bega in Rwanda and a secondary class  of royal ethnicity.


May have been a corruption of term LUKARI which means a Palace in Kinyarwanda.Luxor was the base of 18th to 20th dynasty Egypt and the city of IMN (Amun) it was the religious capital until the Greek period.The city  had other names such as Wst and Thebes.The name Luxor sounds close to what Rwandans use to refer to a Palace.The place coincides with the Rwandan deity IMN and the presence of dynasties that have been pointed out as having Tutsi connections.The principle base of Rwanda Kingdom was at Lukari in city of Nyanza.Returning kemetic royals to the Nile source may have continued to use the term Lukari to describe the king’s base.Term Luxor may have derived from Lukari into Coptic by early Greek priests and later changed to Arabic al-aqsur.


Initially, We learn that a Cow was associated with deities during pre-dynastic Egypt,Mesopotamia and Indus. In mesopotamia, word  eNKi/Enki which  is closely related to “iNKa” is name of one of creator Gods of the Anunaki group largely believed to have created MAN in his image. ENKI is thought to be what Christians know as Elohim. The Cow is venerated amongst Masai,Hima Herero,Sidama,Fulani,Kalenjin and Tutsi cultures.The Kalenjin’s name for God is Enki or Enkai. It is also closely related to how the Kikuyu pronounce thier God.Ngai.Cow or a Bull was a representation of God Hapi or Apis or Hapis-inkh (note the ‘inkh’ at the end of Hapis!) who  served as an intermediary between humans and an all-powerful God (originally Ptah (Ta), later Osiris, then Atum).The Romans twisted this to serapis and adopted it in their mythology.

Godess Hathor represented by a cow

Goddess Hathor represented by a cow

according to sumerian texts NK or enki,inka created mankind.Note the three heads.which supports the biblical

According to Sumerian texts NK or Enki,Inka created mankind.Note the three heads.Which supports the biblical “Holy trinity” and the phrase ” let us create man in our own image”. Also,does this closely sound and  relate to ancient INCA peoples of Americas in any way, perhaps referring to more of those created by ENKI? remember these super beings were Gods.Not hindered by geo proximity of places

KASEKMW or Kajekmw or Kajekamwe or Kaje kwima  was  the final king of the Second dynasty of Egypt.ca. 2690 B.C..E. In Bantu Rwandan; Kajekwima means he who is born to rule.Kajekamwe means born single.

Pharoah Kajekmw,kasekmw,kajekamwe,kajekwima ca. 2690 BC;

Pharaoh Kajekmw,kasekmw,kajekamwe,kajekwima ca. 2690 BCE;

Bantu name for KAMOSE  (1554-1549 B.C.E) is KAMASA. It means young Bull.


The Bantu name for RAMESSES is RUMEZA.

Ramesses I was RUMEZAMIRYANGO Manifatira. His  son was Seti I who was known as Sndi I or Yuhi Musindi in Rwanda. Rumeza I was the founding Pharaoh of the 19th dynasty ancient Egypt around 1295-1290 B.C.E.He was soldier and nobleman with roots in Buhanga/Gala in ancient Rwanda/Kitara.

Ramses I or Rumeza I.  MNFTR RMZ. Menephtrye Ramesses I. Manifatira Rumeza I.Ruled 1295-1290 BCE.A Tutsi of Nyiginya-Singa Clan (falcon clan)

Upon throne he became known as MNFTR RMZ according to hieroglyphs. These letters interpreted in source of the Nile Bantu dialects is Manifatira Rumeza. In archaic Egyptian, letters MN and R indicate attachment to God. Letter “Z” was frequently used in place of letter “S”.Double “S” was stressed with a “Z” Sound. Thus RMSS=>RUMEZA.


This was uttered as RMZ or RUMEZA not  as Ramessu or Ramesses as widely believed.

Rumeza means “the mighty one who gives life” and Manifatira means -“upheld by the strength of God”. The English wrote the name as “MENEPHTYRE to favor western pronunciation by calling him Ramesses or Ramose. Afro-Americans and Caribbean research historians recently interpreted his name as Ra-Messu.Our research finds that he was indigenously  pronounced as Rumeza.  Name RUMEZA is short for RUMEZAMIRYANGO as seen in this hieroglyph.



Term “Rumezamiryango” amplifies Rumeza’s meaning as “he who accords life to the nations”. To “Kumera” which is a verb from Rumeza, means growth. It can be seen represented as  an-“M”-like pictograph shaped like roots of a tree or carrot signifying “Kumera”(growth) itself. As a sun glyph,biliterals_2 it stands for “Roots or “Mizi” .The last glyph on right being a tree/or papyrus pictograph signifying “Miryango” or families/Unu/humanity/nations but also a symbol of Sema-tawby (big branched tree) in this regard. Scholars on medu ntr often make a mistake of giving hieroglyphic characters  solo meanings and representation in similar way  modern English alphabets do,.. not knowing that, ancient Egyptians gave each pictograph in a name several layers of information attached to it concerning that person.A name in a cartouche carried a life summary of the bearer.

The “roots” symbolism in Rumeza’s name also has a supporting tale in Bunyoro oral legend in Uganda.It is narrated that Kimera (Rumeza) son of Isaza once recited that

“Ninye Kyomya ndyekiti cya Muhogo” meaning that; he is Kyomya he is cassava tree.

It is believed that the roots pictograph in his name are roots of a cassava tree.



Reads in Kinyarwanda as: Umuratwa w’Imana R’urema mwami wahawe inka n’ubugingo urinda byose na bose.


The Ramesess name was carried on by  10 more successive Kings through to 20th dynasty starting from Ramsess II the great. Ramesses II is listed among pre-dynastic rulers of Rwanda as  RUMEZA. This revelation puts the Rwandan royal bloodline to partly  descend directly from “Ramesses”  of the ancient Nile Valley as he was given a fourth position of mention in Rwandan royal genealogy.But also his father Seti I is mentioned as his predecessor which coincides with how the two kings are positioned on the Egyptian dynastic Chart as well. This information could change how the world viewed the origin of ancient Egypt and Kingdom of Rwanda.

Rumeza II the Great. Rumezas pictorial adjacent to a Tutsi man.Tutsi hairstyles of ‘Amasunzu” stem from ancient Egyptian times and depict royalty. Supporting that Rumeza/Rameses’s bloodline was of Rwanda-Kitara source.The blue Crown as seen on Rumeza’s head celebrated the aspect of  Tutsi royalty and vise versa but also victories at war. Ramesses family were Tutsi of Nyiginya-Sindi clan (Crested Crane Clan)

Rumeza II


RUMEZA (Ramesses) and Rubanda(LugalBanda) listed in the official book of royal genealogy of Rwanda by Leon Delmas as among semi-divine kings of ancient Rwanda.The years on the left were mere estimates until those in 1700 AD.. but was also an attempt by colonial authors to severely make the chronology of the kings stem from recent than it truly was.Seti I should be Yuihi I Musindi.

These facts, though marred in obscurity due to western cultural, scientific and educational hegemony, could be officially proven and put to light only if; it was easy to conduct and compare Rammeside DNA with that of Tutsi royal clans especially that of the King Kigeli V.

But how easy is a suggestion like that likely to materialize when the world is been sharply divided over the identities of ancient Egyptians? When mainstream televisions and tabloids have been busy seen promoting propagandist computer remodelings of King Tut and Ramesses I appearing as Europeans overriding fact that, these kings left exact replicas of themselves in stone as black Africans.Why should  there be need to hypothesize and remodel their identities and appearances unless of course with intent to distort,misinform, mislead, and steal history.

It would be easy only if;

i) An alliance of East African scientists picked an interest and effort  in solving this important mystery first by lobbying to the international scientific community for inclusion in major researches and studies pertaining with that which concerns solving ancient Nile Valley mysteries the same way Cheik Anta Diop was permitted to do his groundbreaking work.

ii) The museums and rich individuals in western countries that hold and semi-own  mummies and other artifacts of ancient African category, get to relinquish them to African museums where researchers of sub-Saharan caliber will have easy access and participation in  research studies relating to these kings thereby breaking a custom of  western monopoly and authority on these matters and every ground-breaking scientific research relating to ancient African history, archaeology, anthropology whose results often exclude Africans and dismiss the African authenticity in them when  announced in tabloids.

iii) That those  holding these mummies refrain from  contaminating, transplanting, slowly   grafting of skin with that of dead whites and transplanting the hair with blonde or straight red hair to slowly but surely lead to instances where future samplings of these mummies for DNA test on live tv will indicate them to have been Caucasians. Makeup artistry as a cosmetic discipline was invented by western scientists and they are good at applying it.

iv) That East and Central African nations pick interest in these matters and support research in this area in addition to lobbying for inclusion into major international scientific research projects especially those using African continent as a field. East Africans should have permission and access to mummies of interest and conduct DNA test where need be i.e in case of Ramesside family’s origin in Rwanda/Uganda.


Ancient Egyptian and Kushitic domains extended deep in sub-Saharan Africa than previously recorded by scholars. Pharaonic influences particularly around the mountains of the moon ( mt Rwenzori,mt.Kilimanjaro,mt.Muhabura,mt.Nyiragongo,mt.Elgon) is described in Ugandan oral legend as Tembuzi era in 11 century BC a possible latter continuation  from Sumerian influence of the area for a time period of over 60,000 years when Sumerian Kings EnmenLuana and Dumuzi or Tembuzi  peacefully ruled  Africa during antiquity.The two kings are the only known on record as ancient humans to ever live the longest.

During 11th Century BC Egyptian Rumeza or Pharaoh Ramesess II ( difficult to pinpoint how many Ramesess among the 11 kings of 19th and 20th century Egyptian dynasties wielded that influence over the expanse of Uganda and Rwanda) was described in oral legend as remarkable among the Batembuzi leadership.


The Batembuzi   are again what Shona legend call Lozvi, Lozi (the wise ones, great thinkers, forefathers, light bringers), also known as Dlozi In Zulu which term implies ancestors. It comes in many variances such as LOZI  which term also means magic or paranormal people in other Bantu dialects.Again it implies cattle keepers in Lunyankole as in term ABOLOZI.Its root comes from letters LZ or RZ which meant thought, taste, test, knowledge, illumination of mind. It was considered that cattle keepers were the super thinkers and often illuminated ones, therefore term “Abolozi”. It was also considered that the aged  possessed  great knowledge and were seen as illuminated. Such people were often the miracle performers, magicians, healers and therefore worthy of leadership and counselors due to their enlightened personas. It is through this concept that every African ancient one that had a high level of knowledge in the use of herbs as medicine (Dagara, Dogo), astronomy and spiritual healing  was considered OmuLozi (great thinker,wiseman,wise-woman and illuminated one) or Omulogo (magician,doctor) which gives term Logo or Dogo in Luganda that currently means medicine or magical charm This term is the ancestral root word for DOGON which is a name for a renowned tribe made of wise people with an ancient knowledge of astronomy that still live in Mali today.

Logo is also the root word for Greek term Logos which means reason or plan.It stands for the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning according to Encyclopædia Britannica. Term Logo got adopted in English language to mean a symbol or emblem.

Also the DAGARA people of Burkina Faso who possess a great deal of  ancestral knowledge in African spirituality and traditional healing using herbs and other esoteric means, got their tribal name from the source of the Nile Bantu word DAGARA which means medicine in Luganda thus medicine people.

The Lozi attribute is a surviving quality from ancestral God Tahut or Toth who was the first known great thinker, mathematician, magician and healer.

Colonial demonization of terms Logo, Lozi, Rozi, Rogo

Term Lozi/Rozi/Logo did not mean a wizard or a witch as portrayed  in Uganda and Rwanda today, but meant,..the illuminated one’s’. The wise, the great thinker, the miracle performer, the intelligent, the doctor, healer,the herdsman or the shepherd and the leader. It is why Dumuzi or Tembuzi was titled the Shepherd on ancient tablets. He was a herdsman therefore a leader and a Lozi or illuminated one.

The association of the word Lozi/logo and other ancient terms such as Cwezi to sorcery came after the demonization and labeling of African wise men and those endowed with great knowledge and power of healing using traditional and natural means or those considered African Illuminati (intelligent ones) as satanic witches and wizards by colonialists.Today the term is largely associated to nothing other than sorcery and witchcraft. Thanks to strong brainwashing through foreign religions.

The term is also echoed in Swahili language when describing a wise man sent to represent a nation and speak on its behalf.Such a representative is called a Balozi.It means the Ambassador or high commissioner.

The Lozvi was term by indigenous Bantu Zimbabwe initially describing Kemetic outpost governors or cattle people from among the Cwezi of the north overseeing Gold mining and control of natural reservations such as wild animals, medicinal herbs..and metaphysical monitorings. Descendants of these illuminated remnants became elite Lozi  of famous Rozvi empire who went on to rule the great Zimbabwe until 1834.

MUNOMOTAPA (Empire of Monomotapa, Motepa, Mnumtlapa,MnHotep)

Right around the time of the great Egyptian and Kushitic era, in the north, Munomotapa empire thrived in southern Africa. Monomotapa began around 16 century BC even prior! than it is officially recorded in mainstream books! and was a major area where Gold was sourced and mined for  supply to Kush, Nubia and Egypt.Many North Africans traveled this far including the Numidians (who were black)  to trade. Name Monomotapa is Bantu for MNMHTP commonly known as AMENHOTEP by Egyptologists.Suggesting that either Amenhotep I,II,III or IV( Akhenaten) had influence over bronze age Bantus and San people of southern Africa.


Also Munomotapa word came from  locals referring to AMENHOTEP as MUNTU-MTLAPA, MUNTUMTAPA,  MN+TU=Man in God’s image.

MTLAPA=Holy one,clean,praisable.Peaceful.

To Tlapa is to bath or clean oneself in Setswana language.

AMENHOTEP =  praise AMUN =Holly is Amun, clean is AMUN, Peaceful is Amen. MN=God.



Kings of that time are largely known as God’s Kings in African culture and were believed to be demi-gods.

It is possible that the great Zimbabwe walls were constructed under Amenhotep IV’s command to serve as shrines for his newly monotheistic religion of worship of Ra or Aten locals in southern Africa especially the Kalanga and Tswana still use word Ra to bestow respect to men and God.Southern African Bantus pronounced AMENMHOTEP as Menomhotepa or Munomotapa or Muntumutapa.Western scholars misconceived, distorted and misled many on this story by making  Munomotapa very recent and crediting visible monuments left behind to Portuguese and Arabs or foreign figures like King Solomon which is absurd.

AmenHotep in 1510 BC was known as NTARE (Lion King) in Uganda during Tembuzi era (not to be confused by 19th century  King Ntare of Ankole and King Ntare of Burundi Kingdoms).Amenhotep  dynasty exercised dominion from Cairo to Swaziland.

There were no borderlines and geographical limitations during the Pharaonic reign of KHM.T and leaders in upper Egypt exerted authority and conducted business as far south  west and north east in Africa as they could. These Black Pharaohs had a title of God’s representatives on Earth. One wonders how eventually that became the title of the Pope.


The original pictographs of Nefertiti’s name in a cartouche reveal that she was a Tutsi.Her name was indigenously pronounced NFURITUJE  from phrase Infura ituje according to hieroglyphs.

18th to 20th dynasty Egypt were Tutsi of Crane and Falcon clans.(Nyiginya & Singa clans)

Neferneferuaten_Nefertiti.These pictoctographs read:Nr nfr itn Nfr.t .tj which is interpreted in source of the Nile dialect of Kinyarwanda/Kirundi as NYIRANFURA YIMANA NFURA ITUJE.


The cartouche indicates her name as Nr nfrw itn Nfr.t jy.tj.

These letters interpreted in the source of the Nile dialect of Kinyarwanda/Kirundi make NEFERTITI’s original name to be NYIRANFURA YIMANA NFURA ITUJE.The second part commonly read by westerners as Nefertiti, is actually NFURITUJE.It means the Queen with immense yet relaxed Beauty. Westerners rarely grasp how one African word can equal to a sentence of words in English.The second term Imana in the interpretation comes from letters  i,t,n which instead of i,m,n during Akhenaten’s rule meant God.The overall meaning of the interpretation of the pictographs that form her full name Nyiranfura yimana Nfura Ituje (Nfurituje) is: Blessed beautiful woman of God. The Queen with immense yet relaxed Beauty. The translated name can be shortened into two words as Nyiranfurayimana Nfurituje and still carry the same meaning. Last letters “je” in the name Nfurituje are pronounced with a (djhee] sound as in french Bonjour.Nefertiti is one of the many African ancestors whose remains and identity have been desecrated.The popular bust of her displayed in Germany was presented by Ludwig Borchardt in an altered version created before WWI to make her seem European to appease the then Germany King Wilhem II. The missing eye on the fake was a ploy to divert attention from fact that the bust was Europeanized.Here is the original face of Queen NFURITUJE the so-called “Nefertiti”.

Prinzessin aus Amarna, eine Tochter Echnatons und Nofretetes, ca. 1350 v.Chr.

Original face of Queen Nfurituje (Nefertiti)




Busts of Queen Nfurituje (Nefertiti).The Fake one on the left vs the original one on the right.The fake retained its original Hat and shoulder.


AkhenatenIntare Yabanyiginya Mwene Gahima meaning The “Lion of Nyiginya descendant of Khm”


Pharoah Tut was a Tutsi as per his name and phrenology. His name comes from consonants TTNKHIMN or  TT/NKh/IMN  (tt=tutsi, teta… nkh= Cow… imn=God) which in Kinyarwanda stands for:

Teta/nkah/imana…(Tetankayimana)  or Tutinkayimana.

It means: Hail cow of God or royal cow of God or Hail the living God or divine cow of God.




King TUT or TETANKAYIMANA. (TT/NKH/IMN) Teta/Cow,life/God

so King Tut’s name was indigenously pronounced  Tetankayimana.



In most interpretations of what was found written by archaic Egyptians on papyrus and pyramid walls,19th & 20th century Euro-centric scholars and tomb raiders corrupted and twisted VOWELS  to de-Africanize the findings in the glyphs. The twisting of interpretations began during hellenistic period when Macedonian Greeks invaded and took over Egypt for over 250 years followed by Romans.The same happened to the interpretations of what was deciphered off Sumerian Tablets.The Sumerian writings reveal an entirely Bantu civilization in the middle East and Asia.

From the Sumerian King list,Bantu names like; Lugara Banda,Zambia,Imana Luanda,Dumuzi,Balulu,Lugalungu,Lugalure,Inanna (inyana) ,Inkayishashi (Inkishush,Inkicutse,inkicuc),Ruhoranimpundu or Lugalanyimpundu, Kubaba,Ganda,Sisulu ,Ubara Tutu e.t.c, .. ring a bell as to which ancestors these people were.

Ancient African culture and civilizations extended beyond the current continental lines to what is now Pakistan,Iran,Georgia,Turkey,Iraq,Saudi Arabia,Syria,Israel and Italy and all these places were occupied by Negroid races prior to the birth,expansion and rise of the Caucasians.Sumeria and Mohenjo Daro were absolute river Bantu civilizations with dark skinned semi-divine kings and Gods.

*It is important to note that other African peoples classified as non Bantu also lived in the land of KHM.T(Egypt) or Sematabi and influenced its culture.There are many other ancient Khmtic etymologies that are equally echoed among west Africans and the Horn of Africans today. There were also Levantine blacks or Asian blacks living in KMT.

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Creation of first Human couple (Ntu/Tu)-Adam and Eve between lake Victoria and lake Tanganyika.The True Garden of Eden.

JaJa Code-Africa

God experimented with primates to come up with ADAM & EVE the first ntu couple on earth.they were Batwa/San. God experimented with Apes (primates) to come up with ADAM & EVE the first ntu couple on earth when planet was still in Pangaea shape.Adam & Eve were Batwa/Khoi-San.The experiment took place between north western Tanzania, central and eastern Zaire and lake Kyoga in Uganda and lake Turkana In Kenya.The first Humans roamed from  a single point near the equator line in Africa to the Kalahari and Abyssinia. During Pangaea,this point (Eden) centered the world.

Earth continents still together.God Created the first Ntu couple adam and eve out of a primate in an experiment to make   the earth's caretaker.He made several other couples of  Bantus in the same project looking for improvements far away from the chimp,Those prototypes became tribes.That with possible rival gods/aliens interfearance, climate change and environmental factors brought on the diversity of Humanity today. Earth’s continents still attached together to make one land mass.God Created the first Ntu couple Adam and Eve out of a primate(chimp. Gorilla) in an experiment to make the earth’s caretakers.He made several other couples of humanoids in the same project looking for improvements far away from the chimp, Gorrilla. Those prototypes became tribes some uniquely refined intellectually than others which intermarried to make more tribes.That, with possible rival gods/aliens interferences on earth over thousands of  years,  climate change and environmental factors brought on the diversity of…

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Ancient Manding script (Proto-Mande Script) from West Africa

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Creation of first Human couple (Ntu/Nu/Tu)-Adam and Eve between lake Victoria and lake Tanganyika.The True Garden of Eden.

God experimented with primates to come up with ADAM & EVE the first ntu couple on earth.they were Batwa/San.

Gods experimented with Apes (primates) to come up with Adam & Eve (Mnu & Nyramnu) the first nu couple on earth when planet earth was still in a Pangaean shape. Adam & Eve were Batwa /Khoi-San or of a Pygymoid family. The experiment took place within the zone and corridors between North Western Tanzania, Central & Eastern Zaire, lake Kyoga in Uganda and lake Turkana In Kenya.The first humans roamed from a single point near the equator line in Africa to the Kalahari and Abyssinia. During Pangaea, this point (Idn/Indani) centered the world.

Earth continents still together.God Created the first Ntu couple adam and eve out of a primate in an experiment to make the earth's caretaker.He made several other couples of Bantus in the same project looking for improvements far away from the chimp,Those prototypes became tribes.That with possible rival gods/aliens interfearance, climate change and environmental factors brought on the diversity of Humanity today.

Earth’s continents still attached together to make one land mass. Gods Created the first Nu couple (Mnu & Nyramnu) out of a primate (chimp or Gorilla) in an experiment to make the Earth’s inheritors and caretakers. God or Gods/Alien beings made several other couples of humanoids in the same project looking to further the variations. Those prototypes became patriarchs of tribes and all races some uniquely refined in intellectual capacity which intermarried to make more tribes. That, with possible rival gods /aliens interferences on Earth over thousands of years, climate change and environmental factors brought on the diversity of Humanity today.

The first Mntu (Bantu for human) was in East African region, in the area between /around lake TurkanaKyogaVictoriaTanganyika, River Congo and lake Nyasa. The first of the Bantu or Anu settlements was at Oldvai gorgeNtu or Nu is a sub-Saharan reference to a human being. Ba-nTu, Ba-Nu or Ba-Tu,A-nu is a collective term for human beings. According to the people from the equatorial area of Africa to the tropic of Capricorn, all human beings are regarded as Bantu/Ba-ntu whether black or white. Any variation will rotate around letter “T” to describe the type of human. i.e A white man will become mTu mZungu. An Indian becomes mTu m’Indi. In some tribes however, letter “T” is silent as in baNu, mNu, muNu,   Unu meaning people, humans or person, whereas in other bantu tribes letter, “N” is silent as in baTu.

 In Egyptology, letters MN are added to Nu or Tu suggesting God or eternal spirit (IMN) in part with a man thus Mnu or Mntu by giving him BA or A or KA  (a higher essence).
Ntu/Tu/Nu may also have links and sub origins with Super beings 
ANU and ANTU  as read in Sumerian book of Enki. Abanu or abantu literary means a people of ANU. It is most probable that Anu from the Anunnaki created or seeded some or all of “Black ” people. There is also a link to the father/mother of the Gods NU/Nun of the primordial waters as read in Egyptian mythology in a sense that letters “n & m” as alphabetical symbols of water in ancient times is dominant in words that describe Deities and the humans. Again, there may have been an involvement of Tahut/Thoth/THT in the naming of first people created.

              BANTU as a generic term for Humans or those that belong to ANU

What we generally take as Bantu group of people is a misplaced term for Iru/ Bairu or Abiru, Habiru group of people that share N,T,U letters as a common link in their languages. Term BANTU originally meant HUMANS. Every human being on Earth is considered a Muntu (Singular) and Bantu (Plural) in an African mindset. Term “Abanu”  (humans), implies- those who belong to Anu. In this sense Anu created humans.The underlying connotation is that all humans or “Abantu” are Anu’s creation. Letters ab– as prefixes denote plural of the subject and a belonging to…,thus Ab-Anu,Ab-antu.

The East African source of the Nile area can be described as the real area where first man was created by a higher being which in many ways, such a place has been termed as the Garden of Eden in neo-Asiatic religions and their claimed holy texts although it has been suggested by historical scribes of such books that Eden, the garden where man was first created, is somewhere in the Arab world which is subjective, plotting and false. The first humans and their immediate off-springs lived and wandered the area of the great rift valley of East Africa, expanding presence from a single point in the area around South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, western Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi and Zaire, and spread towards Niger Delta and southwards Kalahari, Swaziland and northwards Nubia, Khm.t, Abyssinia and beyond to Syria and Sumeria.


Precursor humans  had tails  and were given demi-godly status and responsibilities.Ancestors of the Pygmies.

Gilgamesh, a semi-divine King of ERECH in Sumeria  is another example of an ancient humanoid with a Tail

Pygmoid kingly humanoid with Tail.Ancient Egypt

It can also be argued that Gods’creation of the ape might have been an overhaul process towards making Man. The human being was the epitome of this process. It is possible that the first couple ever created were made through a trial and error process and therefore why they had tails.They did not match the exactness of an Umuntu (Human) but something close and slightly different in characteristics. They were however given mini-god status and capabilities due to the challenges that lay at hand and the sheer size of the planet the few couple of pygmoid humanoids had at their disposal. Thus we see in ancient Egyptian illustrations, a Khoisan god Bes as often a man with a tail. It is also important to note that the universe and the multiverse have a consortium of several entities and that what we conceive as planet Earth may be a place full of works of different entities and that, some might not have been in unison with fellow Gods during creation and maintenance of life and life-forms on it. Especially that pertaining to the maintenance of the Human kind. The case in our solar system could be a classic case of Milky way galaxians vs Exo milky way galaxians.Nibirians vs Pleadians & Draconians or a case of benevolent Nibirians vs rebellious Nibirians.



And there were never dinosaurs roaming Earth before.It’s a conspiracy by evolutionist fraternity to support their theory of evolution (which is a precursor to racism and modern global imbalances). Alleged fossil bones of dinosaurs in museums are carefully man-made fabrications using chemicals, very old Crocodile bones, whale bones, rocks,synthetic fermented  materials, liquidated and re-hardened bones of ordinary animals and other old gigantic animal limbs such as parts of ostrich, and elephant bones found buried thousands of years ago.Some of these pseudo fossils can also be manufactured buried and  after many years to be dug out in front of Tv cameras. No such animals practically existed as dinosaurs, mammoths, sabers and dragons.Mammoth skeletons are thousands old elephant bones retouched and enhanced artistically.That is not to say that some animals and plant species have not extincted at all, partly due to environmental changes such as desertification and man’s destruction of natural habitats,… but most animals and  plants exist today as were biologically and chemically designed from time of  genesis and are inherently wired with required instincts, properties, designated survival mechanisms and unique attributes to help them serve their  purposes and would stay that way  if man permitted it and the Sun stayed normal as always been.Such asteroid catastrophe as hypothesized by evolutionists and scientist would have annihilated planet Earth forever if it did hit  and if at all happened as they say and some creatures survived and we evolved out of  them,we would not be seeing any large mammals living today such as Whales, Elephants, Nile Crocodiles, Giraffes and some mountains.How could such a disaster hit and select to wipe out only dinosaurs from all four corners of earth and wipe out all their eggs hidden perhaps under caves and seas but spared all the other animal and plant species the earth has today?! At least one of their egg somewhere would have survived the disaster and we would have a few dinosaurs somewhere with us.Earth has never been hit by a kind of  celestial  asteroidal catastrophe of such magnitude and Earth is designed and positioned from terrestrial harm’s way though scientists promote otherwise.Such theories  asserting of extinctions of fictional creatures propagate false belief in evolution which offer a pretext to “treacherous” scientists to tamper with genetic mappings of species with a false premise of saving them from “imperfection ” bringing about new genetic related epidemics such as obesity,Cancer,death of plants and animals but also  promoting genocides of  the indigenous peoples while plotting to announce to future generations of possibly one color that black people extincted as per the law of evolution deceiving them  to a conclusion that man evolved  from a monkey (not created  from it) and became a black man and then inevitably blacks extincted ..,Or for racial supremacy,.. evolved into whites (as would be taught to them). Fact is there came a Black race and later  a white  one and everything else in between that we have today as other races came as a result of the two extreme ones intermingling and interbreeding. 

FullSizeRender (2)

Reality is there are no such things as Dinosaur bones but millions old Komodo dragon bones, Crocodile, Shark and Whale bones. Dinosaur concept is a mere imagination that has allowed artists to sculpture figures to bring the fantasy to life.

FullSizeRender (1)


Ancient Egyptian slate during Pharaoh Narmer’s first rule of a unified Egypt 3100 BC.Many have assumed the two large creatures in the middle of a slate to be a depiction of dinosaurs but it is an ancient artistic illustration of two snake-necked female Lions or Panthers  under control by earth god Geb in a demonstration of Yin Yang with further abstract meanings that surmount to  balance and harmony.It expresses balance of life on earth, and lower part shows  the afterlife  punishment of the damned by Re and top upper part shows the walk to heaven.


Darwinism is partly based on Racism. The Caucasoid  falsely portrayed as the front runner of the rest of mankind lined with apes  on the evolutionary chart as seen in this iconic illustration has for over a century inspired racial bias,Eugenics,Greed,Genocides and cunning scientific ventures (genetic manipulations) in quest to sustain & promote the deceitful theory which in turn is threatening Mankind,Animalia and even plant species as a whole.There is no valid proof that the  bones purported to be those of Homo Habilis are not those of a baby Gorilla skeleton or a Chimp buried and naturally preserved under rock for 2.33 million years.New skills in art also allow a combination of Ape & Human remains to be mixed  to purport chain links.Every prehistoric  ape skeleton unearthed has been purported to be that of an ancient human which is misleading. We need to remember that around that time a Khoi-San & Twa and Giant humans were already roaming Earth.All the Hominid evolution assertion are nothing but a THEORY and a fantasy that is been articulately presented and repeated enough times and validated in books & museums to a point it’s now almost taken as a fact by many.Earth has seen advanced civilizations prior to this modern one.If Darwinism was not inscribed on rock and papyrus by ancients, it never was because its invalid and nothing but a theory and a ploy.There are lots of proof that NOTHING this civilization has achieved so far that was not originally designed,blue  printed or attempted by the ancients.Man as a result of creationism was inscribed on rocks. Man was created 4 million years ago contrary to the religious and scientific narrative. The above pictorial illustration is a subtle but powerful supremacist iconography of the zeitgeist that is largely contributed to modern Earth’s imbalances.Proponents of evolution theory are masters of deception and will use great length in artistic skill and manipulation to forge evidence to mislead and sustain a grand deceit  for an agenda.

Creation of Man

Man took long to come about.

Man did not happen as a result of how evolution theorists put it.

A highly intelligent and powerful entity or force used the set elements of life from billions of years before which are – spirit, water, air, fire and earth and effected micro-organisms on our planet’s surface. The force in its manifestation as the Sun led into existence all life-forms and subjected them to an everlasting self-sustaining ecosystem. The plan and design were so grand that it mattered so much which position in the universe Earth is located in relation to proximity to the Sun and other galaxies.

The force manifested itself in physical form into most animals, birds and insects and later Apes which were the precursor to the creation of humans. (There were more than one initial couple of humans created during the genesis in different intervals of time). A Woman was the first to be made. Her internal makeup involves a wormhole or a vortex through which man sprung forth from hidden to light. A female is a miniature universe in its reproductive self so is the biological makeup of the human brain. The first woman to be modified from the Ape took the seed directly from the creator and produced the first men.

All the coming forth into lifeforms via the aid of light was the ultimate desire of the hidden entity. Everything there is on earth is that hidden force in physical form. The manifestations proclaim intelligent design and it’s too much to have come about by chance as mainstream scientists want us to believe. The first human couple “Adam and Eve” were Pygymoid Twa or/ of a tree that the Khoi-Twas belonged to (Adam and Eve are what indigenous bantu Africa call Muntu and Nyiramuntu). A move away from a special demi god tailed race which either died out or moved to a foreign planet. A few more couples of humanoids in further experimentation were made, to diversify the human race’s capabilities which begun to intermarry and gave birth to various ancient and modern Earth’s indigenous peoples that later developed wider knowledge and spread the continents of Africa, Asia and Oceania, and south America. The initial creation of a human put forth three prototypes of Afrikoid configurations. A pygmoid Twa, a stocky Ntu and a lean tall Tutsi extraction all three for round purposes of Earth’s care taking.(Twa branch held Khoisan, Hadzabe, Mbuti, Aborigines, Manobo, Mangyan, Mamanwa, Khoi-Khoi, Twi and other hunter-gatherer groups not mentioned) the curly or straight hair of the Aboriginals and sub decayed teeth came as a result of a prolonged lack of  certain vitamins & minerals  in their diet after years of living separate on lands that broke away from Africa to new climatic apportioning. Aborigines also ended up on the Antarctica but they died out due to severe harsh climatic conditions there. An additional scenario is that they could  have been genocided in the 18th century by earlier European agents to that landmass since Antarctica is cut off from the main world and any goings on there have been secretive.

Experimentations in genetic manipulations millenniums later by mysterious corrupt entities on Tutsi’s or Ntu’s with longer facial features brought about the white Race.This may sound far-fetched to many  but mystery and that which is often discredited has a huge hand in what we see as reality today.(All modern humans of the world can trace to their  proto mapping in these three extractsMongoloids and Amazonians are Twa Caucasoids. Some Balkans and Roma/Gypsy peoples are of  Bantu Caucasoids while the majority of whites are of Tutsi stork. Bantu Vinca Caucasoids occupied the Balkans from around 6500 BCE practicing agriculture a way of life that was extended from Bantu Sumeria. Sumeria is way older than books say. The white race is not a result of albinism or living in Ice and Snow for a long time as largely purported by mainstream academia for they did not live in the cold that long before the group ventured out from the mountains to warmer parts close to the Mediterranean and Dead Sea 3500 years ago.One could have taken the African slaves to Greenland and they would still look dark-skinned for thousands of years later if no inter-racial mixings took place.Likewise a group of Caucasians would live in the hot Sudan for thousands of years and would not become Negroids without years of  heavily interbreeding with dark skinned Africans but would acquire a minor skin tan and certain level of immunity to skin cancers.If the white race had occurred as a result of  Albinism,we would still see 1 in 5 white couples today delivering  Negroid offsprings in their courtships which is not the case.Majority Ntu tribes and Khoi Twas ventured out of Africa 8000 years ago or before and became part of ancient civilizations . Later (around 1 C.E till 70 C.E) a few surviving elements of both Bantu,Nilotes and the Tutsi returned to the Nile source (rejoining groups of their kind that had stayed put in the area),..retreating from the rise and invasions of the Caucasoids.The cluster of the black groups existed as a termite caste hierarchy in their communal setting and usually lived with a single goal of maintaining the fitness into the cycle of life as well as preserving it.The Biblical Ham as an ancestor of Hamites and Negroids is a contaminated and twisted fact in further aid of racial supremacies and subjugation . Noah never existed but Ziusdra did and certainly he did not give birth to a Mongoloid, Arabic ,Caucasian and a Negroid.Niger-Congo Iru  Africans commonly described as Bantu and exclusively known  as Hutu in Rwanda of which the term “Hutu” means a  people of the Sun, are a race linked to UTU. A superbeing described in Sumerian writings as the God of the Sun that combines the attributes resembling those of Egyptian God Ra, Maat and Osiris.This makes it possible that creator of Mankind expressed self in multiple ways in history through the Gods that we read about in ancient Sumeria and Egypt such as Nu, Knum,  Antu,  Anu, Utu, eNKi, Toth, IMN and Re.In this many expressions could be HE who created mankind.Although we would like to suggest that IMN and Re are way above other gods as they manifest as entire universe and stars.They are simply the energy and life-force. The physical creation of a black man could be the work of Knum and Anu in varying intervals.The khoi-San highly profess Knum or Num  (Lorna J. Marshal-!Kung beliefs and rituals.1999. pg4 ) while Bantu profess IMN.A deeper analysis on Bantu genesis however, attach them to Anu.

Man was created when the world continents were then still attached together (Pangea) about 200 to 300 million years a go when everything was in proper harmony and correct resonance with the universe. First humans did not have to work at all and did not have to think too much to eat.In sub-Saharan Africa  life continued that way for some indigenous tribes until 1000 C.E when interior Africans fully attained greed due to  gradual increase in different  populations and foreign influence and  learned to fight and conquer each other. The separation of continental plates to form Gondiwana happened whe man was here.It was such a huge natural disaster in Earth’s history   for humans and animals but  Twas survived it.It was during  this event of near disastrous continental drifting that many Aboriginal -Twas ended up on all corners of the Earth not through icing of oceans as hypothesized by modern scientists. Put in mind that after the break away of continental land masses, the distance between them was very short as compared to now and many Africans would sail back and forth using canoes carved out of  Mvule Trees,Dry animal skins and Papyrus canoes  to Antarctica, Amazon, Australia and Polynesia.Continual drifting would eventually cast them thousands of miles apart onto different continents. Some ending up in Oceania, South America, North America, Asia, and Australasia while most stayed in Africa.

Suggestions by modern paleontologists that the Khoisan crossed in a group of few hundreds via the horn of African strait to Yemen on-wards,.. is part of the ideal spin that Africans were very primitive from the beginning and could not think of using the abundant varieties of large tree species and other resources in their environment to dig canoes and boats for themselves and sail across oceans to Islands and other frontiers.The suggestion does not  explain ancient variety of negroid races outside of Africa that are different from Khoisan who they claim to have been the only group that crossed the Yemen strait and disregards that Suez canal was never there but a walk-through corridor of land.What modern man fails to accept is that, the potential and capacity of human Brain has been the same since first man and woman were created and no race has been incapable of creative thought and empirical reasoning at any given stage and  time in history of mankind.First humans of genesis were not less geniuses than modern humans only that man’s desires and outlooks on life were different thousands of years back than they are today.To support the idea of survival of the fittest is to animalize man and suppress part of human’s unique aspect of morality and a wider conscience and attunement into the none physical.It prohibits man’s full position in the circle and balance of nature and universe and creates severe disorder in species and organisms.Theory of evolution falsely puts some races at a higher pedestal while trampling on others and promoting annihilation of certain natural species.It creates a pseudo-reality and an  unfair pyramid but not  a circular balanced ecosystem as meant to be.

Early Africans crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans of which they had names  for.They used wooden rafts, canoes and skins.Legend also talks of paranormal means which in modern science is  a suppressed and often dismissed aspect yet in African history, it is not common telling antiquity without merging physical and the nonphysical.The unseen and unexplainable are very much half of Africa’s ancient past.African history becomes almost empty, once, what is considered spookism is removed.

Twas went on to spread  on the Earth’s land to modern day Australia, Papua new Guinea, the Amazon, Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia, Andaman Islands, China, Philippines and India.Variations in skin hues of those Twas in recent times depend on who they met and mated with along the time scale and what diet they had for how long in particular environments.

Amazonian are mongoloid Khoi-Twas in South America whose ancestors went with the break away of their land mass but also wholater interbred with migrating mongoloids via berring strait.Upper Northern hemisphere Eskmos  also have Mongolian roots.A pygmoid short stork strain of Khoi-Twas and a slant in the eyes can be seen among indigenous peoples all over the planet.

Creation of Caucasoid

Roughly 6,000-12,000 years ago foreign planetary beings  landed on earth and interbred, grafted or experimented with  earthly  indigenous  Tu  bringing about some more modern races of humans with slight minor differences in appearance and way of life especially the Tus in Scandinavia and Siberia.This experiment happened around west of Caspian sea and the Caucasus Mountains. It is ignorant to assume that no foreign planetary visitors have been  visiting Earth. It can sound surprising for some to state that, probability abides that, Caucasians and post hybrid races possess a strain of foreign planetary visitors especially with the amount of curiosity and paranoia,anti-earth pursuits in the name of science,the yearn to cover Earth with Concrete which shows a people with less regard for Earth as a living organism,unusual interest in the obvious and cunning cover-ups,crafty out-breeding of the indigenous that have characterized them in their rise to dominance in  last 1700 years, indicate a newer hostile race.The aspect of the indigenous peoples tendency to live from the heart compared to Caucasoid’s living from the head indicate an obverse. The nature of Caucasoid if they were here for past 30,000 years,..they would have long time ago established a colony on Mars, mastered time travel or destroyed Earth entirely yet as we know it which we hope shall not eventually come to that.The amount of speed in technological advancement in past 100 years does not balance with amount and pace of achievement Khoi-Tus had in last millions of years spent on Earth.Half of Caucasoid’s  technological and philosophical ideas are often geared in  direction of the destruction of nature contrary to  original African ideas of technology and way of  life that put above all; green conservation and universal balance and harmony of life.Ideas of green harmless technology as recorded in old Egypt were inherited from the creator.

A kind of anti-nature/phobia towards the indigenous and superiority complex slant and a sense of discontentment by the Caucasoid, attempts to define a newly arrived or a new hybrid of a sort that somehow lives with a kind of insecurity and need to evacuate back to original home if they knew where and how to get there,thus finding everything earthly deserving refining by keeping loft while tending clandestine thoughts and plots towards fellow Earthlings (Humans,plants and Animals).And if  that’s true however, a Caucasoid was not genetically engineered by a being much less related with that which engineered a Tu, Twa-khoi-san which is slightly good news in relation to finding future harmony.Modern science is interesting but often misused in selfish and destructive agendas against nature. The Khoi-Twas practiced science that was Earth friendly, which  was blatantly labeled witchcraft and primitive by colonialists. The two races arrived on Earth in disparity timescale but also a Caucasoid may be engineered slightly different perhaps not very much in agreement with Earth’s balance and lives in constant struggle attempting to modify that which he interprets as unsuitable to him destroying much of natural world in the process.In this aspect modern day Chinese, Aryan Indians, Japanese, Latin Americans, and Koreans fall in a class of Caucasoids because ancients of these peoples interbred with Nordic Caucasoids  along the timeline to form their modern day appearance and traits.

The hypothesis of evolution  as told by scientists especially Charles Darwin is not true about how man came about.Man did not happen by chance but modification or development from an earthly being.And man will stay the same i.e will never grow wings or a new set of arms as a result of evolution.Any further attempt to scientifically modify man by curious/dissatisfied man will most likely devolve him towards a sub human and a Machine.Man will only learn new knowledge about himself and  survival skills in a constantly changing environment.But also Man has the power to allow the natural environment not to drastically change against him but remain fair to him.


Giant Left footprint supposedly of creator Humanoid (God) submerged  deep into molten granite during Pangaea at Mpumzi south Africa. A similar footmark on granite  is at Mubende in Uganda.There are also reports of giant footprints at Tsodilo hills in Botswana locally known as footprints of Matsieng.The proximity between the foot print sites indicate that this super Humanoid moved at  maximum speeds of  wind or much faster.And was gigantic and very tall .And leaving the foot marks on these rocks was intentional as a timeless sign.The Foot is over 7ft in length and 4 ft wide.


Giant footprint (Botswana)

Matsieng Footprints

Giant Footprint (Botswana)

Signs of a very highly powerful  and firely humanoid entity (Lord of fire?) are still presently visible in sub-saharan Africa.Giant humanoid footprints assumed to be those of God during creation of man are sunk on various rocks across sites in Uganda and south Africa dating to Pangaea.It is not clear whether the Humanoid’s feet were super hot to burn a foot-mark deep into large granite or found the rocks molten hot and sunk his/her feet in.This super being also moved with his dog or dogs. As seen on the upper left side corner of the foot mark in the video footage, is a giant dog paw.Proponents of theory of Jurassic reptiles are attempting  to claim it to be  a dinosaur footmark,..  It turns out to be nothing but a mysterious Pangaean giant dog that accompanied this super human.This being did not travel with dinosaurs  stepping on molten rocks.His giant-dog possessed super powers as him which explains why it could leave its foot marks on molten  rocks. This also supports why a dog is considered man’s oldest best friend.

The extremely large size of the feet of this humanoid “who could be Anu ( creator of mankind)”   indicate that this being could have been a native to a planet which is comparatively  larger  than Earth where earthlings carry a Body Mass Index that is relatively meant for the size of the planet Earth.The super humanoid’s foot suggest a being that came from a planet that has a circumference that would take an earthly human being centuries if not thousands of years sailing in ship in order to fulfill one trip around it.

Modern carbon dating methods are limited and will interpret certain older matter as recent than they are.DNA analysis is subject to bias and a lot of announced results of many findings we have been taking for long as fact are questionable especially when one group of people with hidden agendas carry out such very important experiments  behind closed doors.

Photos of possible races that stemmed from first Tu proto-types.

Congo/East Africa Batwa people and Kalahari San people are the first line of people from Adam and Eve.

Congo/East Africa Batwa and Kalahari San, are the first line of people from Adam and Eve.

a family of Twas/pygymies east Congo

a family of Twas/pygmies East Congo

Twas from hunting in the savanna

Twas from hunting in the savanna

a San/Bushman woman in the Kalahari

a khoiSan/Bushman woman with her infant in the Kalahari

During pangea Twas spread to Australasia.This group of Papua New guineans have a strong resemblence with Twas in the Conga and East Africa.

During Pangaea Twas spread to Australasia.This group of Papua New Guineans have a strong resemblance with Twas in the Congo and East Africa.

During Pangaea,San/Bushmen wondered all the way to modern day Mongolia

A Kalahari Bushman/San with his Grand child.During Pangaea,San/Bushmen wondered all the way from Kalahari to modern day Mongolia.The Khoi-San are the ancient ancestors of Modern day Mongoloids and Chinese.

a Mongolian man has a strong resemblance with a Kalahari Bushman

a Mongolian man has a strong resemblance with a Kalahari Bushman

A papua new Guinea Ntu. Note the Longer facial feature.His facial feature may have the beginning of a Caucasoid features.God/Alien Experiments with new Guinean twas and Aboriginal brought about Caucasoid Bantu Bantus.

A Papua new Guinean Ntu. Note the Longer facial features.His facial features may have been the beginning of  Caucasoid ntu features.God/Alien Experiments with new Guinean Twas ,curly haired Aboriginal or Tutsis perhaps brought about Caucasoid Ntus.

Aborigine men are Australian Batwa

Aboriginal men are Australian Batwa

African Bantu tribes boy

African Bantu tribes boy

JalawaJarawa Twas of Andaman Islands

Mongoloid-ntu-coucasoid man.Philpines

Mongoloid-ntu-proto-caucasoid man.Philipines

Mogoloid Mu'Ntu Man.Mongolia

Mongoloid  Twa Man.Mongolia.See the strong nose and eyes resemblance to Botswana Tswana,San men.

Cocasoid ntu man philipines

Proto-Caucasoid nTu man Phillipines

Together with Adam (Twa) God made two other prototype males and assigned the variuos roles in caretaking of earth.Twas/San were for hunting,the second Ntu to be created was given role of Farming and last ntu prototype was given the role of hearding Animals patriachs

Possibility of the three, stand patriarchs of.. Earth’s indigenous tribes as illustrated above,that a lot of other continental tribes and races stemmed from. Together with Adam (Twa) God made two other prototype males and assigned the various roles in care taking of earth.Twas/San were for hunting,the second Ntu to be created was given role of Farming and last ntu prototype was given the role of herding Animals

Earth’s indigenous tribes  as illustrated above,that a lot of other continental tribes and races stemmed from.It is worth noting that the prototype tribes’ first letters begin with one of creator God’s name THT  commonly known as Tahuti or Thoth.

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